Using Bloggers Connect Network

Using Bloggers Connect Network

We're gradually building a great resource for bloggers, not only to find brands to work with but also to learn, develop and engage with other bloggers.

As it won't cost you anything to be a member, you have nothing to lose by signing up and being part of our journey as we grow.

There is no fee for bloggers to become a member of Bloggers Connect Network!

We will be offering a number of paid features though such as featuring your blog in directory categories, advertising and various blog services should our members be interested in any of these.

We do indeed. Above the footer on every page of our website, you will see an option to subscribe to our newsletter.

We're still working on an automatically generated weekly newsletter but eventually, will contain the latest opps submitted by brands as well as recent news and content from our blog.

Working with Brands & Blogging Opps

Please let us know if you encounter any dispute with a brand as we wish our members to be happy and find out network of benefit and great use, ultimately, this has to derive from mutually pleasing relationships between brands and bloggers so we will step in to support where necessary.

We will be in time, launching a feature for you to raise a dispute against brands which our resolution team will pick up and handle.

For now though, if you have any problem with a brand on Bloggers Connect Network, you can use the 'Report' icon on the brands page.

Currently, brands have to find bloggers to work with although we're working on a brand directory where bloggers can search for brands to work with where they can reach out to them directly.

All blogging opportunities submitted by brands can be viewed at our opps directory (coming soon).

We are also working on a weekly newsletter which will send out a summary of recent opps submitted on Bloggers Connect Network too.

We provide an official channel for brands to reach out to bloggers via our website.

If any brand gets in touch with you directly via email or a contact form on your website but claims that they found you via Bloggers Connect Network then be wary of proceeding. You can always request that they contact you via the contact method available on your blog directory listing on here.

Further Help & Support

If you have any queries whatsoever, please do get in touch with us via any of the below channels (email preferred):-


Facebook: via the 'Message' button on our Facebook page.

Privacy & Data

Absolutely nothing. Any contact information for yourself along with any previous correspondence between you and Bloggers Connect Network is stored in our database, which is it where it stays.

Any contact information retained is for internal use only, which also includes any other businesses operated by The Clubnet Group.

Your details are never sold to or shared with any external party.

We sure do. You can read our privacy policy here

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