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Yummy Yemi’s Clean Plate Confessions

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The blog feature posts, articles, tidbits about restaurants and bars. Also Kitchen related material from recipes to home cooking and other food and drink related material.
“Clean Plate Confessions” is the review section of the blog. I discuss my experiences at restaurants / bars / food&drink experiences. My plate leaves a truthful and constructive review, how much have I left behind or has it all been enjoyed?!
I also provides photographic services to the food & drink industry/sector. Contact me directly to discus needs and prices.
The name Yummy Yemi came from years of my name being mispronounced. From ordering coffees to booking tables, basically 80% of the time I would be referred to as Yummy or yummy yemi innocently or as a pun. So I decided the name would be perfect for my food related blog. My thoughts were “if you can’t beat them join them”.
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