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Live in London and I’m a new blogger who so happens to be Gay and Happy! My Blog will be based on my lifestyle and what I tend to get up to when I am either not working, or have my head stuck in a book for my degree. I want to be advocate for the LGBTQ Community and Support our own rights in this country so that we don’t have to feel, or even act a certain way whenever we are in public, as I know and I am aware that their is still a vast amount of stigma against us who are all living on this planet, but still some people find ways to make us feel a certain way or judge us without even getting to know us! I want my blog to be a Support System that will help out the younger generation of the LGBTQ and possibly guide them onto the right path, whichever that may be.
I have been suffering with my Mental Health from a very young age, but it didn’t come into full affect until I was diagnosed HIV Positive in 2009 and that did, and has changed my life. I want to give some  awareness towards such subjects as someones HIV Status, again we are human….. You will see my own Lifestyle on my blog, YouTube Channel and also on my Facebook Page.

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